Speakman Hand Showers

Per AMAZON Review, looks like “one star” crap…


Do these come with the hose or just the head?

The description and specs say that it comes with a 60" hose…

“Includes durable 60-inch metal shower hose with integrated vacuum breaker and bracket”

Word to the wise - from the Amazon reviews (which are terrible, btw) the only thing metal on this is the hose – the shower head and handle, and more importantly the connections - are all plastic.

The description should say brushed nickel APPEARANCE or polished chrome LOOK - there is no nickel or chrome involved at all.

Woot description says, “Warranty: Limited Lifetime Speakman”

HOWEVER, the spec sheet on Speakman’s website at http://www.speakmancompany.com/files/28464 says, “Warranty: 1 YEAR LIMITED”

BIG difference – Woot please update and correct or update and confirm.


In addition to the warranty discrepancies can you confirm whether or not the hose is metal?

Woot description says “durable 60-inch metal shower hose” but reviews on Amazon indicate that the hose is plastic (and crappy cheap one at that) and there is NOTHING on Speakman’s website or on their product spec sheets that gives any indication that the hose is metal. It it is, I would imagine that they’d promote this feature. Since they don’t, and since Amazon reviewers for these exact models have complained about the crappy plastic hose, wooters are left to assume that the woot description is incorrect and that the hose is actually plastic.

Please confirm and update - inquiring minds want to know. Even with a plastic handheld showerhead this might be worth it if the hose is actually metal. thanks.

Apparently, according to Amazon, the hose is in metal.


I got a handheld nickel Speakman from Groupon Goods a couple of months ago and had to send it back. I was outside when my husband decided to install it. It was tarnished (I would have stopped at that point), and when he tried to install it, the threaded part broke into several pieces. I was so excited to get it, too, because I noticed that a Hilton I stayed in one time had Speakman, and that was a great showerhead.

kcmark (and everybody else!), we’ve been in touch with the vendor. here’s what she had to say:

  1. Speakman offers a limited lifetime warranty for shower heads. It had been 1 year limited, but they have changed it to limited lifetime this year. Any issues with hoses, brackets, or the showerhead would be covered by this warranty.

  2. Based on customer feedback, Speakman changed the product to include a metal hose. Furthermore, our vendor said they’re kicking off a quality check to ensure there are no issues with the metal hoses. Any hose issues reported by Woot customers would be honored under the aforementioned warranty.

the vendor provided a picture of what you’ll get with the hand shower:

  • hand shower
  • 5’ metal hose
  • wall bracket
  • Teflon tape

incidentally, the vendor said she loves the Woot eagle-eyes. (we do, too!) they’ll be updating the specs on their end as soon as they can.

hopefully this helps!

Groupon currently has a Speakman offering, $18 + free shipping,free return for various handhelds (non-handheld units start at $9 + shipping).


Sorry for the long link; google only yields an expired deal, but it’s actually still live at the time of this post.

Your Groupon link looks to be good for a few more days. FYI: those showerheads for $9 to $11 are the same ones Woot was selling for $16 in April.

The shower heads on the other site are a different nozzle design, and do not come with a metal hose.

When customers have contacted us about a leaking hose, the vast majority of the time its because the rubber gasket was not installed in the connector ends of the hose or because the wrong end of the hose was connected to the hand shower.

The hand showers for sale on Woot come with the rubber gasket already installed in the connector ends.

I was referring to the shower heads, which also are part of the above-noted offer, not the hand-held units with hose — and they are the same. I just compared the one I purchased from Woot…same exact look, same exact part number (S-3032-BN).

So the part coming from the wall to bracket is not included as indicated in the picture? I wish I would have known this before ordering!

Thanks PemberDucky for checking this out and clarifying. Looks like you also netted a ‘quality post’! Although the vendor may like my “eagle-eyes” apparently they are not quite worthy enough to the Woot Quality-Post gods. Ha!

I assume you’re referring to the shower arm and flange. Unless you’re dealing with new construction or a remodeling project, the shower arm will already be sticking out of your shower wall.

Unfortunately, if you want brushed nickel for your handheld shower and have an existing polished chrome shower arm you’ll either have to live with the mixed combo or replace it.

FWIW, I’ve never seen a shower head kit that ever included a replacement shower arm.

A side note, the Speakman VS-3010 Anystream Neo for example retails for $58, NOT $87…so at best 50% off. Poor reviews overall for a hunk of plastic including the threads…

And Woot! used to actually open all their products to see if they were what they said they were…then off to BOCs with that one. Unfortunate it’s direct with vendors now…

What a disappointment!!! This is not the Speakman I used to know and certainly not a hotel quality shower head. I had no idea that Speakman even marketed anything this cheaply made. Here I was expecting a quality piece like my Giessdorf shower head. :frowning:

Instead of being the quality metal piece that I was expecting it’s made of cheap chrome plated plastic and imported from China. It’s far lower quality than the shower heads I already have so this one won’t even get installed. Look for mine in a future garage sale.

I made the giant mistake of buying 2 of these and now having just installed in our new condo, I realize that the ball joint won’t hold the weight of the head in position. That’s a small problem that made me go out and buy one that I know for sure will work. Now I have to figure out how to return them.

As a dissenting opinion: I bought two and they work fine. Yeah they are just metallic plastic on the actual shower head, but they look nice. The ball joint holds for me.