Speakman Icon Signature Brass Shower Head

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Speakman Icon Signature Brass Shower Head
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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How is a Showerhead a Tool & Garden Item? This should be Home and Kitchen. Stop being lazy.

You’re over thinking. They are a home improvement item. Home improvement falls under Tools & Garden. :tongue:

Then why is there a separate Home & Kitchen section at all? I agree with mrboston. A showerhead is neither a tool nor a garden accessory. With all respect, TT. :slight_smile:

Think of Tools like Lowes or Home Depot.

There’s some overlap but toilet seats and showerheads belong here. :slight_smile:

Bought 4 of these a while ago through Woot. Every one has failed and fallen apart. Don’t press that buy button!

Really? A Speakman showerhead failed on you?

What specifically broke?

I have a Speakman Signature S-2251 showerhead that I paid about $130 for. It’s one of the best, well made shower heads I’ve ever had. It’s got a solid metal body, and it’s pretty heavy duty. The nozzles are plastic, but they don’t really move too much except for when adjusting the spray… I’m not sure how they could just “fall apart”.

The head posted here is basically a smaller version of the S-2251. The 2251 has more nozzles, but its spray pattern and water pressure amazing.

At this price, I’m thinking of getting one of these for my spare bathroom… So, I’m curious where you had problems.