Speakman Icon Signature Brass Shower Head

This is a great shower head. And at this price, a no-brainer.

The water flow restriction is easily removed for a luxurious shower experience.

Bought 4 of these a few years back. All have fallen apart. Not good quality, stay away.

I thought this was a shower head / wireless speaker combo… I leave disappointed.

Great shower head, I just wish there were other options besides shiny chrome.

I looked at the one your ordered. It was plastic where this is complete brass.

Can you adjust the head or is it fixed head with only handle adjustment for different types of spray?

Looking at the close-up photo and the other info on the Speakman site, it looks like it has a ball joint for some direction adjustment.

Bought this on a recent Woot, and it is amazing. A solid feeling lump of chromed brass reeks of longevity. The head is on a ball joint with plenty of movement. The lever adjusts from a dribble to an almost needle like pressure with a very uniform spray pattern.

Almost purchased this, but for about 1/4 the price i bought this instead:
These are great, all metal, nice flow, SIMPLE!!, etc. I have used one for about 15 years now, decided to get one for the other bathroom.

Oooh, thanks for the feedback and answering questions!

The water flow restriction is easily removed for a luxurious shower experience.

How is this done? I’m up for a new shower head to replace the 1960 one I’m still using, but it’d have to have at least the same flow as the old one, or what’s the point?

We have one of these for a basement shower with low pressure. It’s amazing!