Special Announcement: A Special Sierra Club Derby Preview!

Oh good, let’s hope for some adult designs this week!

That sounds like a really cool Derby. Should get some beautiful shirts.

This is awesome, great collaboration Woot!

If I had any artistic ability I’d draw something related to my favorite bike trail, perhaps opening into a clearing since we’re talking open spaces. Perhaps there’s another cyclist out there thinking similarly :slight_smile:

This looks like it’ll be great, good luck!

Awesome! I love a little extra time! Are there any specific rules we need to keep in mind when designing?

My thoughts exactly. Super excited to see the designs this week!

Very, very cool. Now to get the Audubon Society to do one.

Good question. :slight_smile: Is text allowed?

Yeah. IS text allowed?

And what of pop culture? Are we going to see lots of Tatooine National Desert designs?

My bad, I had the rules loaded in the Derby announcement but not this blog post. I’ve updated to include the rules. Refresh the post and you should see 'em!

I think it’d be cool to see a play on the “World’s Largest Rope Swing” they filmed in Moab, Utah. World's Largest Rope Swing - YouTube Utah has some sweet National Parks!

Darn! I had a design in mind and was planning on putting it on white. Guess that’s not an option now… To the tweaking station I go!

Must say, though, it’s interesting to see the colors limited like that. I’m surprised that White and Baby Blue are not listed. I’d have thought those would have fit the theme fairly well.

Creme shouldn’t be too bad hopefully. I’m in for any color still printed on AA, after wearing the Anvil’s for a week straight the wide necks are bothering me. :frowning:

I’m saddened to see no brown- it’s the most outdoorsy color in my mind.

Please woot! Make an exception and add brown. :wink:

Yes, please? I was gonna make an earthy brown shirt.

Thanks for giving us extra time to think and plan for this. It allows for a bit more ambition. :^)

This is awesome! I have a design I’ve been slowly tinkering with, and now I got three days to get it done! Argh! Yay!

I’m guessing that unlike a previous derby of this nature, also in collaboration w/ the Sierra Club, there won’t be an AA organic cotton shirt among the offerings. Tell me, Woot, is the Sierra Club aware of your swap to a product that is manufactured in factories with a much greater environmental impact? [cough] Bunker oil [cough]