"Special" Delivery

I noticed the name was changed…hmm…

So where’s the prawns?

This must be what Patrick watches when Spongebob’s not around.

Congrats on another great print, Wences! Ordering mine now!

Perhaps anchovies count.

I don’t know what this shirt is about, as I only watch wholesome Disney movies.

So glad this printed.

I’m in for one, I wanted this so bad!!

Wasn’t she on dancing with the stars?

I’ll have what she’s having!

wink wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean?

It would be fun to wear this shirt around and watch the looks on people’s faces as they get the joke.

I started getting scared this wasn’t gonna print. My new favorite shirt.

My hands are wet, can I borrow your towel?

Her package finally arrived

Wonder how many children’s sizes will print.

I got your large sausage pizza right here ma’am.

If you order your porn star pizza from Domino’s you can track when he’ll be at your doorstep. This way you have time to shave your legs and ‘purdy up’!

Congrats, Walmazan! This is a great shirt!

(Ah, so the dirty word is replaced with ‘tea’! Niiiiiice. Now I want ‘tea’.)

The blue star probably drove up in a beat up pickup with rust holes the size of plates with a light-up pizza sign on top. Nothing wrong with that, I’m just saying.

Meat lovers

Taking away both the innuendo and the theme, this shirt still has a pretty cool art style combining the cartoon forms with the detailed shading.