Special Forces Shovel (Spetsnaz)

Special Forces Shovel (Spetsnaz)

Drop.com (formerly MassDrop) currently has this Shovel including the Cor-Ex Sheath for $16.00! Woot you need to really step up your game!!!

Is this for poop burying?
If it is I’m getting one for Scooter.

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It’s a Soviet “Spetsnaz” military entrenching tool.
Maybe if the dog poop is from a Russian terrier or Siberian Husky.


Yup. Totally getting one for Scooter.

Stolen Valor, Special Forces, really

What’s a “Scooter”?

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В России лопата тебя копает!

(V Rossii lopata tebya kopayet!)

I don’t know if that answers my question.

It’s Scooter. He likes to unwrap presents. Even when they’re not wrapped yet.