Specialty Ink

If the Sleep one came as a hoodie, I’d totally buy it.

Can glow-in-the-dark printed apparel be laundered the same way as everything else?

I’ve put mine in the washer and dryer and so far haven’t had issues with it, but most of my glow-in-the-dark stuff has only had 2-3 washes (so many woot shirts, so little time!).

Where is the Run Away! Run Away! I wanted it so bad.

This!!! Love my woot hoodies and love sleep! Please add a sleep hoodie!

I have been waiting to get That’s No Moon, but there are now two things preventing my purchase - 1) still Anvil (nothing new, really), but 2) Georgia is now forcing Amazon to start charging tax for purchases. I was mostly willing to buy the Anvil shirt for $15, but $16.05? No thanks.

Some cool options here. Any chance of some lightweight hoodies in the future? Or even just regular zip ups? No More Secrets would be an instabuy on the back of a zip up.

I wish they had pics of what the shirts look like in the dark. I don’t want to make any assumptions on the remixes.

Are these recent hoodie blanks different than what Shirt.Woot was using last year?

I just came to post this! Would make those winter nights snugglier! (is that a word?

they do?

Is there some sort of pop reference to Pterodactyl with a machine gun?

Click on the individual page for each shirt.

What - No Run Away! Run Away! Do you know how many times I have requested Run Away! glow in the dark hoodies? Here you are using glow in the dark ink, no excuses!!! I am one mad Rabbit Lady!!! Please help me get one before I die of old age, which could be any day.

Oh, MAN! I was REALLY hoping for Passenger! http://shirt.woot.com/offers/passenger

We want Run Away! Run Away! ASAP!!!


When will the long sleeve T’s become available?

Please reprint Good to Go. It is special too.