Specific Sales Data Available?

99% of the “sales links” that I’ve received when my shirt design goes live/on sale are now dead. I think only one still works, from 3 years ago. How do I know what sells and when? Is there an artist portal or something that I am missing?

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Exactly. I get a check every year and can’t begin to predict what it is going to be. Lots of blind faith required, which is why I’ve stopped submitting temporarily…

That’ll show em

Remove the design name from the link, it should look like this:



Lies. Doesn’t work.


I got this solution from someone from the forum and it works fine for me.

Thanks, I can’t get that to work either though. Does anyone from Woot read these forums?

lol believe me, I know I’m not punishing anyone withholding my designs that sell once a month. Just feels like throwing money out the window blindly sometimes.

Yes they do.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

Howdy, @joshuacgibson. We’ll jump in and take a look at this today. Sorry for the delay!

UPDATE: We were able to fix all but one of them and will email you the updated links this morning. And we’ve reached out to our dev team for help on the one that still isn’t working.

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