Speck A-Line 13 Notebook Bag

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Speck A-Line 13 Notebook Bag
$12.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Blah… but i unlocked free shipping, why is there nothing i want to ship?

McLuvin the murse…

I am looking for a new laptop bag…

Do these come in MAN?

Looks like it will hold a tablet and keyboard or one of those mini computers. Anyone have this bag with a review here? The reviews on Amazon look pretty turfy.

Bah - puzzle piece. Who cares? I am not interested in working that hard just to get a slim chance to pay money for crap. I can barely work up enough interest to hit the F5 once in a while these days. Sometimes change is good … other times not so much.

I got one of these for my wife. She likes it, but was disappointed it wouldn’t hold her ipad, laptop, and several notebooks. It’s not a magic elven bag that holds 20 pounds of crap, reducing weight of such crap to 5 pounds. It only holds what it can hold.

I have a similar bag from the a woot off. It’s got a wool outter part though, these are a bit different. I love the bag and I use it as kind of a large, practical purse/kindle holder in one.

Why yes I purchased this same bag last woot off. I bought it for my Ipad. I fits the Ipad but I wouldnt try anything larger. Ok bag for the price only problems are: the decorator button,its hard and painful to button, and no pen slide holder, few pocket areas.

How long is the strap? Will it go cross-body?

Here’s the mfr site, but if your iPhone4 doesn’t fit because the phone pocket is too small, forget your iPhone5 or Samsung or HTC!

Yeah, it will.

I bought one last time woot offered it. Worth $13? Yes, absolutely. Worth $69.95. Not a chance.

The bag is heavily padded. It has a zipper and a button closure. Suspenders and a belt analogy here.

I’m handy with the scissors, so I could probably make the “snaps” magnetic closures and embiggen the phone pocket …

Don’t know if you stayed up late last night (east coast) for the final puzzle piece or not. Biggest complaint that as soon as the last piece was shown, the crap was already sold out. It seems people were guessing the last few letters and then got to the crap before the last piece.

I got a box of carp during the back to school promo and it was filled with stuff that literally had Dollar Store price tags on it. The carp was so bad that not even a Dollar Store could sell it.

The days of good crap and Woot carrying interesting items is long gone. Woot is just another Deal-A-Day site now and these attempts to bring it back aren’t working.

It just arrived LOVE