Speck Cases, Skins, & Bags

How do you protect your expensive gizmos?

I’ve loved the Speck cases I’ve had for my Macbook and Macbook Pro over the years. But I will say that on both the old model (4-ish years ago) and the newest model I just got last year, the rubber feet on the Speck cases ALWAYS come off. Whatever adhesive they use sucks, and being on the warm base of a laptop only makes it worse. Every other person I see with one of them is missing at least one of the rubber feet, too.

So no cases for a 15 inch macbook pro?! That sucks. I would have bought one in a heartbeat.

I wish I waited. The prices were a bit higher before on Woot Plus.

$2 on the Speck TechStyle Wide for GPS and $19 on the A-Line 13 Notebook Bag.

Still a great deal though!

Not all Ipod touch’s are created equal. I’m ‘guessing’ these are all 4th Gen (4G) just from looking at Specks site for cases and the colors related to the product. The actual package does not seem to be listed anywhere in a short search of both google and speck.

Does anyone else find it odd when 3 Dimensional objects are marketed as “HD”? What makes this product High Definition as opposed to other ipod cases? Am I misinterpreting the product name?

I own the Speck PixelSkin Case for iPad 2 and it was the best iPad related decision I ever made! (other than buying the actual iPad itself.) Never worry about it being damaged. It has fallen to the ground a couple times and not a scratch/crack on it. Paired it with a screen protector once I saw the edges of the inside of the front cover has some sharpish edges to it.

I bought the messenger bag and would like to get rid of it. If anyone would like to trade for it or for the best offer I’ll give it to you. Please PM me if you’re interested. It is unused, with the tags, and everything.

According to the amazon reviews the iPad 2 case does not have the magnets required to turn the ipad on and off as expected with other similar covers.


The reviews are otherwise mixed, but this cover isn’t worth the asking price for me, especially since it’s a savings of only 3 dollars over amazon. With amazon prime, the woot offering is more expensive due to shipping.

I also want to know if the see-through shell case is for a macbook pro and not the white macbooks that are no longer sold?

For my phone I have an OtterBox, and I love it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my poor iPhone, and it still looks great thanks to my case!

I was tempted on the iPod touch cases, but I agree, they look like they are for the fourth gen (I see a camera hole), and I have a 3rd gen, oh well.

Son and I have used Speck cases since we got our iPhones years ago. I love them.

The Speck iPhone case is amongst the choices offered for free after the iPhone 4 “touch your phone & lose reception” debacle.

With that said, I’ve had it on my iPhone since the day I got it and drop my phone all the time and have never had an issue. It has a nice bevel that keeps the glass from touching surfaces, so you don’t need a screen protector - a big plus for me.

The spec messenger bag is pretty cool. Here is the review I saw on utube.

If you didn’t buy one I’m looking to sell mine!