Speck Cases

No, the electronics are not included - Speck owners should chime in and let us know if these are a good investment though!

I will go first: I got the purple PixelSkin a while ago, and it’s been serving quite well, actually, which is to say I am less likely to drop my phone (because I have no coordination whatsoever).

I have a Speck PixelSkin case (just like the yellow one, but black) for my iPod Touch, and I couldn’t be happier. No “off” smells, it’s still a great fit 18 months later, and it’s done exactly what I wanted it to. It wasn’t as tacky as I wanted at first, but it softened up like a leather glove over time, and it’s done a good job of maintaining its form - even the flap in front has stayed solid, when I’ve seen other cases get real loose .

The last time the GPS cases were here, I got 2 to make small ‘kits’ to put in my bug-out bag (have to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse!) They were the perfect size for a fishing kit that got a little too big for an Altoids container and I’m working on the snare kit now. If I hadn’t already gotten an awesome trail first aid kit already (from woot of course) it would be a great size for that too.

the tote bags are the best, they have the 13" one here , the Ipad one was amazing.

The “iPad 2 case” does fit the New iPad just fine. I like it A LOT.

Only thing its missing is the magnetic on/off feature (but Ive turned that off anyway, since my previous case was so unreliable at keeping it off while in my bag). The sticky strip it closes with is actually microscopic suction cups. They stick pretty well, but if your screen is dirty, it will get less and less sticky over a few days. It cleans with a damp cloth though and returns to its original sticky state.

I have been using Speck’s iPhone cases for years, and I couldn’t be happier. I won’t use any other brand.

Does woot (or speck) have something against 15inch Mackbook pro owners? This is the second time theres been a speck sale and no cases for 15" Macbooks.

Yes I know I can buy it directly from speck but I’m cheap.

(Speck PixelSkin Black) Bought this cover last year and it is the best thing I ever did for my iPad 2. Look great, fits well, affords protection and does not get in the way of controls. Cover folds over for a (horizontal) stand.

I like black fabric cases and ballistic nylon ones to hold my stuff, but the cohabitation of two white cats (mommy and son) have made the use of anything jet-black a real problem. One unguarded moment at one of them is sleeping on the bag.

How about a deal on a Galaxy S3 Candyshell case?

I have the A-line laptop bag in Gray and Purple. I absolutely love it. Laptop bags can be so big, clunky, and just icky looking. This bag is slim and easy to carry as well as lightweight. I highly recommend it!

I purchased the SPK-A1280 iPod touch Case - 3 Pack last time it was up on woot. They all state for Ipod touch 4 gen so I was very satisfied with the purchased multi pack as I have two 4th Gen pods (and a number of shells to choose from from various makers.) These are nice shells with good a fit.

I bought this when they offered it during a Woot-off a couple months ago (it was $0.99). It fits my GPS and its power cord, and the cover does a good job of protecting the stuff inside.