Speck SeeThru iPhone Case - 4 Pack

not G3 what the Crap!!!

well, thats that then i guess.


went down 50cents

iphone FTL…

ahhh yesss, i need these for my, 4, iphones…

I’d post a pic of myself if I could figure out how. TTexastim and Gatz have both seen my picture. Hot librarian with red hair is what my husband says. What more do you want from a w00t geek, anyway?

To bad this wont work on the 3G

Only for original iPhone? No.

Does this work with Zune?

Does it fit the gPhone?

Good, cuz I have 4 iPhones and want them each a different color so I can tell them apart.

cereal killer

i guess i’ll have a kit kat

These work awesome with the Sansa’s


UGHHHHH Give me 3g cases! i would be in for 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 if they were 3g cases

AGAIN!!! This has been at least 4 WOOT OFFS!! LOL!!

i ain’t like no iphonezzz

Shipping is 10X the cost of the item. Nice…