Speck SeeThru iPhone Case - 4 Pack

Will wait for respiffed and hope for lower price.

I agree


polycarbonate. must get for Hans Solo.

aahh, junk.

not even a green one to match the earbuds I got :frowning:

I don’t think these “iPhone” things will ever catch on.

If I only had a piece of crap Iphone

speck? wtf is that… a tiny vulcan?

come on woot, put up a nice leather chair…sitting on my chair all day is taking its toll.

damn! I just bought 4 3g’s!!! now what!?

I wish this would work with my new itouch.

got to make money some how


Bought 3. Can’t beat the price!

I tried to buy these back in May/June and I got a refund instead…

im just trying out the reply feature, don’t mind me

Is anyone buying iphones after the arrival of Android???

stfu NO. It’s an iPhone case…

imma kick yo a$$

buy this crap up…will u