Spectroniq 7” Dual Widescreen Portable DVD Player

is it true that Lady Di watched this Spectroniq brand as they said in the description?

for reals?

105 from geekstogo…

not that good of a deal…

but it IS 10 bucks cheaper…just not a “can’t say no” deal…especially since it’s a refurb

Perfect time for sleep! YAAAAAY!!!

I wake up to this? :frowning:

Oh well.

Am I the only one who now has that horrible Technotronic song stuck in their head?

just means its spiffier than new


good morning fellow wooters…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

was just going to type that :slight_smile: had it in the clip board as well…

Hey, we heard that when they found Lady Diana, she had a Spectroniq 7” Dual Widescreen Portable DVD Player… and it was STILL PLAYING.

I can think of 5298128823 things that I would blow 90 bucks on before this junk

if you did a few minutes of research, instead of asking a dumb question, you could find out the thing was made in 07, and obvioudly Di wasn’t around then. Unless you believe in reincarnation

Somebody writing these is really dealing with some existential angst. I meant to point that out during the “There’s a war in Georgia” thing, but the item sold too quickly. No danger of that happening this time, thankfully.

Dear w00t Gods:

Considering our love affair with each other, do you suppose you could find a white stove hiding in your warehouse? My stove died yesterday and if my husband can’t figure out how to fix it today, we have to go buy another one. Unfortunately, we already spent enough money on the Wii system, extra controllers, extra games and Wii Fit.

I really need a stove.

Thus spake kippyj…which also explains my mood, aside from the snotty teenager.

P.S. 30".

would that include something for me? :slight_smile:

list them on here that would be fun to see. I bet you can’t do it!

same price


little more for shipping, but still…

Oh, everyone is here now. I was over chatting with myself in the 99.00 tablet forum. I ended up buy 3 more too.

Get twice the entertainment for your money! With this Spectroniq PDV-768 Widescreen Dual LCD portable DVD player keeping your passengers entertained has never been easier!

Calm the kids down on those long road trips by putting in a DVD and breathe a sigh of relief. Plus, since there are two LCD screens the kids wont be fighting over who gets the screen; simply connect the additional LCD screen to the portable 7-inch DVD player and the problem is solved! The included monitor headrest mounts makes it easy to attach to your vehicles headrest.

The Spectroniq PDV-768 is not only great for road trips. Use the PDV-768 portable DVD player in hotel rooms, camping trips, and in the comfort of your own home! The portable DVD player features a 180 degree rotatable screen for getting the optimum viewing angle! A remote control is included for easy menu navigation and the included stereo earbuds provide private listening enjoyment!

That’s right, Ireplied to my own posting. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

Plus, Di died in 97, did we even have technology back then? I think I remember watching black and white TV’s. DVDS didn’t come out till like 99-2000