Spectrum 10W Guitar Amplifier

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Spectrum 10W Guitar Amplifier
$49.99 + $5 Standard OR $13 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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I wonder how long I’m going to be watching this for.

10 bucks off?! Woot killer :frowning:

The title says 10 Watt, the Features list says 20 Watt…

So is it ten or twenty watts?

I feel like I’m going to waste the entire day looking for pieces, and the thing is going to end in such a manner where it won’t end up mattering all that much and I’ll still lose out on it.

Pap Miece !!

17% off list? You high paid guitarists don’t need no deals.

when you print and cut, the pieces do not line up at all

Does it go to 11?

The Marshall MGCD10 or Fender Frontman would be a better get for about the same price

You’re doing it wrong.

they do just fine for me

The distributor’s (Mfgr?) site confirms 20 watts: ashleyintl.com

That’s odd, I put them right together so far in GIMP. Are they maybe not printing at the same scale? Some printers will fit it to the page.

Do it in paint, and turn on the transparency part. Can get them to fit seamlessly if you feel like it. (Doesn’t appear like that will be necessary)

It’s 20.

But it’s a moot point since this is a terrible deal anyway and it should only be bought to not kill the woot off.

What are we even suppose to do when the map is complete?

i dont get it. complete the map than what. I dont know where dead meme isle is?

Since when did Paint support transparency?