Spectrum AIL195 SG Style Electric Guitar w/Mini amp


well, guess I can go to sleep.

these any good?

It should be called, SpectStrum!

That’s not an amp. It’s an electric Koala.


you would be my hero…

and even a little AMPED up

oh move over over and let jimmie take over.

Blue, huh? My LEAST favorite color.

No reviews on Amazonsk

It’s new 100$-110$ Deals 10 percent of economy but you can find better beginner kits i mean walmart

where are the colored buttons? How do I hook it up to my xbox?

looks like a decent beginner guitar

Heck, I’d smash it on stage after gig!


Ehh, not the best deal I have seen. It is about the same price everywhere. Eww, mini-amps?

Epic product description.

Just remember kids, you get what you pay for. This is really a $100 dollar guitar (well, less when you consider that it’s also a tuner, strings, pics, amp(really? that’s an amp?) etc.).


This looks like my actual Gibson SG.

If this was 40 bucks cheaper I’d be all over it, but there are alot of entry level guitars around the 100 dollar mark.

i thought the crap always came with a bag??