Spectrum Electric Guitar



It’s more at amazon, and it’s not a good guitar. laaame!

Does this come in hot pink?

nice PRS style, id’ hit that, if I had the cash


is that guitar missing one of its knobs?

That’s a lot of money for a geetar, must be a dang good one!

$49.99 at amazon…gooo woot…

…and I logged in for this?? Where’s the endless supply of knives?

Cheaper on Amazon?
$50 + $20 Shipping

2 woot offs in a row. Wow guitars what will woot sell next the sack of scaffolding?

The amp must be next…

is this the same guitar on amazon for 50? am i crazy?

youtube review

if you’re gonna get a beginner’s guitar, at least get one that’s not crap.

You’re not crazy but that seller is, $20 shipping???

lol no its a pickup selector switch

and its funny they sell a PRS rip off and show you a video of a real PRS in all its glory

naw its there just at a angle that its hard to see.