Spectrum Electric Guitar

You could use the previous Kaloric Mixer to strum the strings and do wicked riffs…in the bedroom…and then mix with the Torq using the small usb 7" screen. Then burn a dvd of it and play it on your proscan TV. All while being sure of the fact you are a hipster-doofus.

Will this beast pair easily with the Wii? If yes, I am so in! Rock on!! :slight_smile:

In Stock. Sold by Electronics Expo

Yup. If the seller sent their stock of geetars to Amazon, the shipping would be waaaaay cheaper and Amazon Prime members could get 'em in two days for free.

Just because you see something “on Amazon” doesn’t mean it is sold by Amazon. duckcake caught it. The rest of you need to go back to eCommerce 101.

And Spent way to much on all of it… priceless!

Will this work with a Mac?

This what Eddie Van Halen plays, when he’s at home relaxing!! Get this people! Once the quality of this guitar becomes known, they will sell out immediately and the price will skyrocket. This is better than investing in gold, folks. Snap 'em up! Buy three! Did I mention that Eddie Van Halen bought this, only after hearing Santana play on one in his own home?

I think the loyal wooters who stick with the Wootoff through the night deserve to be rewarded with better items than this piece of junk.


And what’s crazy is that if we had to ship it back to them, $20 would probably seem like a bargain.

Come on people, take one for the team!
Hell, take three and practice your legendary “Smash-Guitar-On-Stage” finishing move!

LMAO… Do they have a left-handed model. I can’t wait to jam to some classic Led Zep on this sweet axe.

Agreed. I don’t know what time it is where you are, but it’s definitely after 4 a.m. here. I’m practically falling asleep at my keyboard. The least they could do is put up something I want to buy… :frowning:

It was obviously not sold by amazon, because they offer free shipping on orders of $25 +

I agree. Bring on the knives! :slight_smile:

I have; 1 Schecter, 1 Fender, and 2 Washburns.

I’ll pass on this. Maybe in a Boxx of Crapp, But not here.

Overpriced in my book. $30 would be enticing.

And NO Eddie VanHalen does not have this atrocity.

Maybe if it had a Dragon Inlay…

I agree too. Bring on the hose reel so I can go to sleep!

This should probably be over at the kids woot - for that kid that thinks he wants to learn but you don’t wantto spend 400.00 only to find out that he’s gonna put it away as soon as he get’s " BLISTAS ON HIS FINGAS!!!"

I have alot of guitars that are not dookie sticks.

Phones! I need a set of cordless Phones! :O)

Party on! Be good to each other.

They will but they will put it up at a price that will make you say “no way” and then you’ll have to wait another half hour for others to buy the overpriced… thing… for the next thing you dont want or cant afford to come up. Thats the way wootoffs work, didnt you know that?

wow…shameless. paul would be disappointed. maybe I’ll tell him ;-).

Cool story bro. 3 out of the 4 guitars you have are crap, might as well make it 4 out of 5.

Yes, bring on the knives! I’m still waiting for the Shun “Ultimate Cooks Knife” for $59.99 that I missed out on a couple of months ago.