Spectrum Electric Guitar

Can it make screaming monkey noises?

Rocking out with my junk out!

Just joined twitter to follow woot and I already have 3 spam followers in less then 5 minutes…I knew there was a reason I didn’t sign up for this earlier.

Might this be a 3 day woot-off?

I like the price, seriously. You should all just buy it to say you bought something for 69 dollars :slight_smile:

this would be good for smashing on stage

Was incredible! I feel for the Caps, but Montreal deserved the win. I don’t think I’ve ever seen better-played games than these.

Hopefully no more quality posts.


Wonders if Woot quality post hander outer girl holds a grudge…

Perfect for a beginner, since most beginners quit eventually.

I may buy this just so I can sharpen the edges and swing it around like a battle axe.

Yes, it does play like the souls of the Damned.

Does it work with Rock Band?

Spectrum trying to make this guitar look like a PRS

Would’ve been in for a BANJO.

To the guy who writes all the product descriptions…


If you want to guaranty that you’ll never be a rock star then buy this guitar immediately.

Will this help me with my Guitar Hero skills?

is spectrum a sub-brand of a reputable guitar maker or just some cheap crap?