So we have a double Ramy-whammy weekend.

I’m having Pink Floyd flashbacks.

For those who may not know it, this design is based on the album cover for Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”.

Wow, this is the closest I’ve been to buying all three shirts in a weekend (if we had Boots^2 instead of Ramy on Friday I woulda got one of them too)

It’s the Dark Side of the Woot

Love the Pink Floyd reference. This shirt could have been called ‘The Dark Side of the Tree’.

Very beautiful design. I’m digging the colors and how the rainbow looks like a tree with white light as roots. Again, very beautiful.

I would buy it, but my girlfriend would probably have a cow.

That’s one psychedelic triscuit

Same here. Great design

This was a super rainbowtastic super scientistic derby. =D At least we’ve got color…

Also, I never would’ve guessed this was a ramyb design. It seems like every week, you surprise me man. Keep it up.

Also, two winning designs in a single derby?! What?!

I’m genuinely curious-- how do these colors:

correspond to that design? It looks like it would require more than just those six.

Or is there some detailed half-toning going on in the tree?

How is this not extremely similar to the Fractal Tree design that Woot! sold not too long ago?

So incredibly happy my two favorite Derby entries printed! This shirt is beautiful!

Does anyone else notice that the light seems to be coming from underground? :wink:

(beautiful shirt by the way)

I think the last time you printed two designs in one derby was back in that continuous line derby? That was back when I liked your designs.
Congrats, I suppose!

An open tip to anyone who wears this shirt: Don’t get confused by all the Pink Floyd fans that are sure to give you confused looks.

I think it’s an Imposter

Same here, 'cept I won’t be buying any. Wheeeee.