Speedway 7 in 1 Powerstation & Jumpstart

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Speedway 7 in 1 Powerstation & Jumpstart
Price: $51.99
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Okay reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at HomeDepot.com

The specs listed on Home Depot site indicate zero charge capacity! So you can’t charge this at home and carry around a useful tool. No internal battery, just a capacitor?

Not give here either. I expected to see it had a LIPO cell of 4k mah or more.

Review over at Sears with the Manual

Zero charge capacity does not mean it uses a capacitor. (Although it probably does use capacitors somewhere, and capacitors do hold charges, but this is apples & oranges.)

Anyway, under “Features” the copy-writing says, “The jumpstart system features a 12 Volt rechargeable battery…”

Click on the completely useless “specs” before even considering buying it. If they don’t provide this crucial information you can bet it isn’t worth buying.

All of these “jump packs” work well when you have run you car battery down, or you need to air up the tire a bit…

They are not meant to jump start your semi, or air up a car tire you just installed!

If you want that, a power pack / compressor combo will run you like $200.00 plus!

Good price for what it is!

$98.00 at Walmart.com!

Not really, Woot is just lazy…LOL

Good grief!

I wish I could find the cranking amperage for this as I would be using it mostly on a full sized van that needs a heavy amperage to turn over.
600 cranking amps is probably the minimum I would bother with, while 900 or more would be preferred. I doubt that I’ll get that kind of performance for under $100, but I can hope.

Hey Woot. Can you provide a manufacturer’s web site link so we can get more details on this?

The warranty is with North American Tool but I’m not finding these on their site.

According to mfr site it takes approx 60 min to fully charge and has 200 cranking amps at 12V.

1200 Peak Amp Instant Portable Power Source https://sellout.woot.com/offers/1200-peak-amp-portable-power-source

Can anyone tell me about the hand crank? How effective is this? How many times would you need to pull the hand crank to jump-start your car or inflate a tire that’s at 20PSI?


200? What is this supposed to crank, a kids power-rider toy?..lol

Thanks, but the link a few posts above to similar item on Sellout.Woot is a much better deal…and it look like it might actually start a full size vehicle…

Yeah, I think the Schumacher, even with its flaws, is a better value for real-life portable power needs.

These things have a short life span. The cheap batteries they use quickly lose their charge and their ability to take a charge. They can be useful for a used car lot that specializes in cheap rides but for most of us they’re a waste of money. By the time we get around to using them they’ll be dead as a door nail. If you do have a regular need for one of these, you’d be better off buying a new battery.

i’d say a couple hundred min.