Spellbound Napa Reserve Petite Sirah (3)

Spellbound Napa Valley Reserve Petite Sirah 3-Pack
Sold by: Folio Wine Company, LLC
$59.99 $153.00 61% off List Price
(2) - 2008 Spellbound Reserve Petite Sirah, Napa Valley
(1) - 2009 Spellbound Reserve Petite Sirah, Napa Valley

Where are all the PSith lords??

I had the 2009 a year ago, and it was very good for an under $25 PS. It didn’t require much time In the glass to open up nicely.

I vaguely recall having one of these from an earlier vintage (2006?) somewhere between three and five years ago.

Nothing to beat down the doors over, but tasty, well-priced, classic Petite Sirah. $20/bottle seems very compelling for this PS with some age on it, and it should be drinking quite well right now.

yay! yes, a high quality PS for those looking to try a reserve tier at a very good price.

No offense Winedavid but the guy named after the wine wins the salesperson of the day award. :slight_smile:

PetiteSirah is the PSith Lord! It is the wine buying alternate identity of Loweeel (some of us created alternate identities to get Black with wine purchases only).

Bow down before his Purpleness!

Or no more cookies for you!


There is only one! (The rest of us are lowly apprentices) And he has spoken!

I imagine since these are aged, they decided not to debate them. :wah:

PS? meh…the wine not the person :slight_smile: