Spelletich Lodi Sangiovese (5)

Spelletich Family Winery Lodi Sangiovese 5-Pack
$69.99 $̶1̶2̶5̶.̶0̶0̶ 44% off List Price
2007 Spellwine Sangiovese, Lodi
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For the record: Ragù branded pasta sauce is gross.

Hopefully this Sangiovesse isn’t the same. Does anyone have any notes and/or experience with this wine?

Thanks in advance.

Argh, SOOOO wish that this could get shipped to NY…

at this rate, woot will be shipping wines to…
make that, woot won’t be shipping wines anywhere.

DAAAANGITTTTTT! I guess Missouri is blocked now… no more wine.woot for me :frowning: It’s too bad cuz I would have bought 2x of today’s vino!!! sounded delicious!

Hello Woot Nation!.

Just wanted to say what a treat to have Kristen’s wine on the site. Great wine making family and the coolest WINEDIVA you will ever meet!


Tn is excluded as well, I’m cursed to never buy a Sangiovese off of Woot!

So Woot has selected wine that the producer can only ship to eleven states and DC? That is a huge bummer, Woot…

It is a shame that this fantastic wine (one of our favorites) can be shipped to so few states. Silver lining: one of those states is Texas! In for 2!

Posted yesterday, and likely true for the foreseeable future:

Hope the Michigan no-ship is just this winery and not a trend …

Sigh. Take a stroll through authentic Italian cuisine and you’ll find that the term “ragu” has been hijacked and branded by a major food producer.

The winemaker is not referring to that yucky stuff in a jar, but rather a complex meat-based sauce, often from the Bolognese region.

And now no Minnesota?? This is getting sad.
Cheers (for those of you who can buy)!

Looks decent. Will give it a shot.

This Sangiovese goes with everything. Very true to the varietal but has some punch with a little bit of Cab Sauv and tiny bit of Cab Franc. I know you will enjoy

No…both my parents are chefs…so talking about the homemade kind, but really this wine is really geared for all food!! High acid goes with just about anything!

sold in for 1 or 2 this does sound money

Are you the wine maker? Owner? Cellar slave?

Thanks for jumping in.

Thanks for jumping on. To whom are we speaking to?