Spencer Bi-Cast Leather Rocker

Why does the seat of the chair look so shallow? squints This isn’t one of those “special” chairs, is it?

For 270 bucks I could get a nice futon and nap rather than rock. Pass

I feel I am too young to appreciate a good rocking chair. I’m more of a lazy boy kinda guy.

This is “Bi-Cast” which means it goes both ways…back AND forth.

Seat Dimensions: 22" W x 21" D

I saw this sitting in the office last week. It’s a nice size rocker. Looks solid. Forgot to sit in it before I left the office though. Drat.

My grandparents had a covered back porch that ran almost the full length of the house. They had about 8 rockers sitting back there. We spent a lot of time there growing up. I have a fondness for rockers.

this looks like the perfect spot to sit in while i yell at the kids to get off my lawn! thanks woot!

Bicast leather (also known as bycast leather, split leather or PU. leather) is a man-made material made with a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane that is applied to the surface and then embossed. Because it is only used for the backing, the leather portion of this material generally not visible in finished goods made from Bicast. Bicast was originally made for the apparel industry for glossy shoes, and recently was adopted by the furniture industry. The resulting product has an artificially consistent texture that is easier to clean and maintain, as is the case with most plastic materials.

[edit]Production and Features

The use of terms like “leather”, “genuine leather” or “100% leather” in relation to this bicast treatment is considered a misrepresentation and therefore not permitted in some countries, e.g., New Zealand.[1] Furniture made with bicast exhibits none of the characteristics associated with aniline leather; it will not develop a patina or suppleness nor otherwise “improve with age”. With constant use the polyurethane layer may crack and split free of its backing.[2][3]

It looks nice. But I think if I get a chair for any decent amount of money, I’ll splurge on the ekornes. Really comfortable.

$299.99 Walmart vs. $269.99 tonight. Only comment was about not getting right product

Not finding much of anything.

Oh honey, give me some money! What a beauty! I want it so badly :frowning:

Here it is at Overstock - nearly $400. Again, only one comment that has nothing to do with the comfort/quality of the chair…

pretty nice looking chair and i did just turn 30. i think i am old enough to rock a rocker now…

You know what the Grandma said when she put her Rocking Chair on a pair of Roller Skates…


this is not leather, and it is a misrepresentation to call it that.

in a few years, the plastic will peel, meaning this does not have the useful lifespan of a fabric, real leather or even a vinyl chair. It.s maybe worth 50 bucks.

They sell these at Sam’s Club. They are really comfy. My wife and I came really close to buying one of these on a few occasions, but the displays were always broken. Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s a testament of the design or how rough some customers are on things. Either way, we passed. Afterall, we have children and I know how rough they can be on things at times.

Looks nice. I bought one of these about 4 years ago:


Last rocking chair I will ever buy. Partially because it’s so great and partially because of how expensive it was.

prttymf8- WTF is that? Do you remember the name or manufacturer? I’d like to research that one…