Sperm Whales Make Great Seamen

Haha. Really nice.

nice, but i think this shirt will go over the top of most peoples head.

Cast bait fast to catch fat bass.


This shirt has a whale of a tail to tell…

Congrats Boots!

really cute, and i’m glad none of the title text is in it.

So where’s the pun in this…? Huh? :open_mouth:

But what make them sperm whales? Don’t forget the mouth-breathing masses that will try to figure this out. Also, I laughed a lot at this shirt. Well done.

hey hey hey

whats long, hard and full of seamen???

a submarine! meh heh heh

Groan over many puns with bad taste

Damn… Gatzby, how do I probate the author of the product write up?

Bet Woot! sells a load of these.

Oh! I get it! It’s an innuendo about sperm! You know, like the stuff guys have! Oh so clever boots!

Congrats boots!!! So glad I got mine!!! I think I may have creamed a little!!!

I’d set sail with these textured whales any day.

How is the boat remaining afloat with four heavy whales inside? Is the whales’ bouyancy somehow playing a part?

LOL! The shirt description made me “whale” with laughter!

I love this design not just because it’s hilarious, but also because it’s really cool looking and just absurd even without the pun.

Finally, the works of Boots gets the recognition it deserves. So happy this finally made it to print.

wow. they really went all out with the description on this one. haha. wow.

Congrats boots! prints 2 weeks in a row!! :slight_smile: