Sphero Ollie Android and iOS App Controlled Robot

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Sphero Ollie Android and iOS App Controlled Robot
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Sep 21 to Thursday, Sep 24) + transit
Condition: New


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Very good reviews on the blue model (4.4 out of 5.0) over at BestBuy.com


Wow. Same offer as Meh had a few days ago. Well, except the Meh offer was $68.

I think we’re getting a little loose with the term “robot” aren’t we? Or does my Fitbit make me a cyborg?

Beep Boop

As useless as my Sphero. YAWN.

Sphero Ollie? It would seem that a more appropriate name would be “Cylindro Ollie”.

But more importantly, can it bring me a beer?

Where does the $199 (60% off) price come from? On their site it’s listed for $99 http://store.sphero.com/products/ollie …is this a different model or something?

The trouble with these kinds of toys is that, once you’re over the ‘wow, neato!’ factor they just aren’t very interesting. I’d put this on a par with an RC car, which I got for my nephew and which saw ninety minutes of use total last year…

MUCH better price from Meh last Friday.

The actual list price, NEW is $99.99, NOT $199.99.


Nice try on over pricing the original to make it appear you get a large savings Woot!

It’s ‘Who is controlling whom…’, robot poseur. Domination of humankind begins with proper grammar. Now, beg your Senpai to notice you!

Yes, we are that evil. Or it could be that the vendor is required to give us a list price when we purchase the item.

Could also be that this was the list price at some point because Amazon shows the same list price.

List prices are meaningless. Comparison shopping is where it’s at.

Yet another example of Woot! decline. Meh offers them cheaper. Woot! uses inflated MSRP to “trick” consumers. They say MSRP is meaningless…well, then don’t post it! Think about the buyers remorse statement in Woot!'s return policy.
I still check Woot! most every day. I remember a time when I used to stay up at night until the new Woot! posted just so I could try to buy useless but fun stuff like this Sphero Ollie before it sold out. Now I check Woot! whenever and expect to be disappointed and in that I’m rarely disappointed.
Still, I do occasionally find a good deal here and I still occasionally buy stuff from Woot!. No hard feelings,(well, maybe a little) Woot!, just not fun to come here anymore.

My first of 172 Woot! purchases in Oct 2006: FIRST WOOT! (No List Price)

MSRP is a reference. It is a ‘metric’ that the ‘market’ and or ‘manufacturer’ come up with to dictate value.

MSRP is a proposed price, not what the market will pay price… Unless to commodity is in high demand. I recall special edition cars (example, Mini Cooper GP) coming out and dealers charging 5k to 10k more than MSRP.

But also with cars there is “Invoice” price which is another fabricated metric, and MSRP which is the standard reference point.

Does it appear to be higher savings? Yes. Does that change the fact that they are selling it for less? No. Does it matter that another website had it for a difference price that is no longer available? Maybe… If you want it, you’ll either pay the price offered or wait for another site (or maybe even Woot) to have it cheaper.

But if you’re going to shop the market, you should at least understand market dynamics and nuances before complaining about the norms of the market.

I think that was a refurb.

Nope Brand new
•Model: 1801APW
•Compatible with iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.4+
•Connects via LE Bluetooth 4.0
•Two optional tires for outdoor use or added traction
•Speed: 14mph
•Range: up to 98ft (30m)
•Charges via USB
•Battery life: 60 minutes
•Charge time: 3 hours
•Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
•User manual

Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year Sphero
Estimated Delivery: 9/22 - 9/24
Shipping: $5 or free with VMP