Sphero R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

How about a picture of this item next to something we can all relate to, like a soda can or a bar of soap or a long neck beer bottle? I never could get the metric system, but my eyes can compare sizes!Gee, now I’m thirsty!

What is wrong with the pictures of a shoe and phone that are already there?
It is about 6-3/4".

Or buy it new from Walmart with free shipping for $39.99.

[MOD: Not Sphero]

That actually isn’t the same one, if the picture with the box is any indication. This would be the same one listed on Amazon.

FYI, the Sphero Droids were $40 on clearance at Best Buy for a non-refurbished one, just a few weeks back - however, they’re sold out and seem to no longer stock it, so it’s unlikely they’ll be on sale again there.


That’s a different product completely. It’s manufactured by Hasbro and is firmly in the realm of toys, rather than drones. Ours is manufactured by Sphero.

Here’s a review of the Sphero R2-D2 that mentions the Hasbro model.

One of the best features of the Sphero line of Star Wars products is the Sphero app - look up a few examples (the review above talks about it) and see what I mean. The AR stuff is really cool for fans of the franchise.

Here, this should have something everyone can relate to.


From the left - Xbox One controller, standard full size glue stick, Nerf dart, Sphero R2-D2 (duh), standard d20 die, Lego figure, one round of .223, and a normal size generic pen.

I don’t drink pop so I didn’t have a can handy.

Also this is worth way more than $40, I paid $60 and I’m happy with it even seeing it cheaper (and considering a second one because why not)

No wait I can do one better https://i.imgur.com/QRWhFba.jpg

in awe of the size of that lad, absolute unit

I paid way too much for one of these when they first came out–$40 is just about the right price for one. May pick up another one to use as a “beater” R2.

Can anyone who has purchased one of these refurbished R2-D2s before speak to how they compare to the brand new ones?

I have purchased refurb products before, I know they are hit or miss. Sometimes like brand new, sometimes a little scuffed, etc.

I made my purchase already, so I guess I will find out, but still curious for those who have experience with this item or other Sphero refurbs.