Spice Up Your Home Decor

A mix of old favorites and some stuff I don’t think we’ve seen before. (You can correct me below if I’m wrong.)

Anyone tried the rack out and know how stable it is? It looks very cool, and has a built in wine rack!

I’ve been eyeing up this Jewelry Armoire everytime it pops up. And now that the price has dropped I might have get myself a present!

Your patience has been rewarded!

Any idea if the lamps are pull string on/off?

The Armoire looks very nice once assembled which took me about 30 minutes.

However, it was shipped through USPS which puzzled me since it comes in a large box. The box was damage and the pieces on the inside were dinged up and had a few nicks and scrapes.

I don’t regret the purchase since it was for myself but it wouldn’t have been gift worthy if I had been buying it for someone else. I was definitely disappointed in the damage.

I bought this mirror during the last woot off. I haven’t installed it yet, but I did open it up to check it out. 22.5" is a large size for a mirror (in a good way). Barring any sort of unforeseen problem upon install, I would recommend this purchase for anyone in the market. The product “feels” sturdy and top-shelf.

Lamps have a knob (or mine did anyway), not a pull-string. It seems as if the knob will accommodate a 3-way bulb, but the lamp comes with one-setting CFLs. I purchased the “Classic” lamps and I’m quite happy with them thus far.

A co-worker/friend of mine was looking for a nice jewelry box for his wife and asked if I’d keep my eyes out for one since I am a bargain shopper. This popped up immediately after for $10 more than the current price I believe. I showed him the pictures on the site and asked if he wanted this one and he was thrilled to death, told me to go ahead and handed over the $ on the spot. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition (I had it shipped to my house so it would be a surprise for his wife). I took it to work and he put it together there, so I got to see the pieces and the finished product. It is beautiful and well worth the money, especially now at $50!!! What can you buy for $50 these days? He reported back to me that his wife LOVES it!

I purchased the storage bench the last time it was offered and I really love it. It’s sturdy and we sit on it everyday. I was worried about how it would be shipped, but it was packaged very well and arrived in perfect condition. I had in mind a different location when I bought it, but we put it at the foot of our bed and it has lots of room for winter blankets and a few sheet sets.

Waaah. I need a counter (24") bar stool, and you only have one style from which to choose. I thought about it… but black will look weird in my kitchen. Hopefully woot will add more styles next time. AND, if you do, could you allow us to buy more than three!!!

DO IT! I love mine and I gave one as a pressie. The only downside is the depth of the drawers is a little narrow.

Apparently the only two people interested in the headboard are in the southeast. Now I feel dumb for worrying about it selling out while I was waiting for opinions from the other half. Luckily that gave me time for backup opinions from some girlfriends too, since that half’s decorating sense doesn’t really exist.

I love the jewelry armoire! Just wish I had scored mine at such a great price! It has sturdy construction and holds all my jewelry. Maybe I can by another so I can get even more jewelry? :stuck_out_tongue:

I sooooo wanted the jewelry amoire & was going to sleep on it, but then got scared it would sell out. For ONCE in my life I am sure I did the right thing when impulse shopping because I bought it & NOW it is sold out. Yay me for 3am impulse buys!!!

You got the last one! Congrats!

I agree. I haven’t hung it yet, but I was surprised at the good quality of both the mirror itself, the shelf and the “things” used to mount it all. Excellent buy.