Spiceologist 4-Pack Gift Set

Spiceologist 4-Pack Gift Set
$34.99 $50.00 30% off List Price
Smoky Honey Habanero Sweet & Spicy Rub, 5.77 oz.
Greek Freak Mediterranean Rub, 3.97 oz.
Chile Margarita Mexican Rub, 5.68 oz
Black Magic Cajun Rub, 4.46 oz.


got some of these spices last time they offered them and they are very good. They took a while to arrive but were worth the wait.

Anyone who loves wine tasting will also love spice tasting. Put out all 12 for a dinner party and let your guests choose their own rub. Loves me some spiceologist!

Thanks Chip! Yea, they have this stuff dialed.

Thanks macsgems! Glad you’re lovin’ them! Which one is your fave so far???


You’re one of our best fans :slight_smile:

Let’s do a BBQ when you get back!


Yo Wooters!

Let us know if you have any questions about our rubtastic deliciousness :slight_smile:

Stay Spicy,


I get these at my local farmers market all the time, and I love all of them!(: