Spiceologist 4-Pack Gift Set

Spiceologist 4-Pack Gift Set
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Smoky Honey Habanero Sweet & Spicy Rub, 5.77 oz
Greek Freak Mediterranean Rub, 3.97 oz
Chile Margarita Mexican Rub, 5.68 oz
Black Magic Cajun Rub, 4.46 oz


I bought some last year. Good stuff. What is the shelf life on these after opening?

The shelf life on any herb or spice is a year or less. While whole spices might be good longer than that they’re harvested at least once a year which means there’s always something fresher available. Spice Blends like these tend to store more poorly than individual herbs and spices.

These are great, bought this last year and LOVE the chile margarita!

Greek freak sounds really spicy…

Shelf life is at least 2 years. Just keep the jars away from heat and direct sunlight.

Greek Freak isn’t spicy, but it is full of flavor! Lot’s of garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, herbs, and a touch of orange peel. People freak out on how tasty it is :slight_smile:

The Spiceologist blends taste great for at least 2 years, but you’ll go through a jar much quicker than that. People love how versatile each blend is, and how you can use them as a rub, a seasoning, or an ingredient.

We love it too! My favorite is using Chile Margarita on fish tacos and using the blend as a margarita rim. Tacos and Margarita night every Tuesday… Boom!

We had it on our steak last night, I love this stuff!

Granulated Sexiness in a jar!

these are great!