Spicy Meal

As an Italian, I want a piece of dis!

Sure okay.

Why yes, yes I do want a piece of you. You delicious looking Pizza Chef you.

“No, I want the whole thing!”

Yes, yes I do. As long as it’s not the piece with the mushroom. Gross.

are those pepperoni’s?

what about the vegetarians?!

Finally we meet the original famous Ray.

I really hope his eyebrows are onions and not toenail clippings.

Food that’ll knock down your door…

Man, that pizza is so ready for a fight its crust must be really thin.

Oh yeah! I gotta million of 'em!

I am a little confused as to why the PIZZA would be the CHEF… O_o

Had to be on an Olive tee.

Actually, just looking at this meany takes me back to the days of Burger Time…

first glance I thought it was an alarm clock.

That looks like cheddar cheese on the pizza, not mozzarella. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, congrats MJ!

hahahahahahahahaha! Thank you!

why would they want this delicious pizza when they can eat some limp tofu and grainy seitan?

Those would be some really large toes. Or else some really small other toppings.