Spider Electronics

Anyone know if either of these keyboards will work with the HP TouchPad that I bought on WOOT last year? I know it’s not listed, but there is also a “ECT” in there. Thanks.

So… per the description this is useless on any Android except 2 specific make/models only (both Samsung)?

Those are both pretty old models too. My guess is that the product specs were written when the product was released a few years back and never updated. If its standard BT, I’d imagine it works with most newer android devices.

I’m having trouble getting the E-BTKB-B001 connected to my PC. I can pair it, but is grayed out in Windows Device Manager. There’s multiple repairs on Amazon saying that it works with Windows, but everything I’ve tried has had no results. Anyone have any advice?

Hmmmm. You might contact Spider to see if they have ideas. (I’m assuming your computer supports BT since you said you paired it.)

Thanks for the suggestion, would you happen to have their support email address or should I just go through the “Contact Us” form on their website?

Yeah, my PC supports BT. Pairs fine, the keyboard just stays in discovery mode after pairing and my computer says its not connected :frowning:

I don’t have a specific email. Use the Contact Us form.

If that doesn’t work out, email support@woot.com for assistance. Be sure to let them know what you’ve already tried.