Spider, Man!

has anyone used the ultra mini keyboard for a playstation, or can attest to the battery life in general?

google seems to not find much about this (in the small surface i scratched).

What are the dimensions for the laptop speaker and the multifunction bluetooth speaker? The popup speaker lists size, but not these other two.

Checking. Please hold.

UPDATE: And the dimensions have been added. :happy:

Thank you!

These headphones any good?

Does the multifunction laptop speaker recharge through the USB cable? I don’t see a wall wart for power in the photos. I couldn’t find any instructions online and the Spider website is all gloss and no substance.

A quick google search on reviews of the Realvoice shows a consensus of positive reviews

Amazon has it at 4.5 stars but only 8 reviews.

I purchased this exact keyboard on Amazon for the same price maybe a month ago… I’ve used it twice since i charged it, both times resulting in really laggy response, combined with intermittent repeated characters. Not too bad, until it started doing 20 character strings, and upon trying to backspace to fix the error, erasing entire blocks of text.
This was using the Bluetooth built into my HTPCs motherboard not a ps3, but i have used a Microsoft keyboard and mouse Bluetooth combo before, and connected many cellphones and tablets for data transfers with no issue.
This could very well be simply an issue with my keyboard, possibly made by the new guy, on a Friday, but i stayed well within the range - usually about 8-10 feet from the computer, and tried removing and repairing at different distances a couple times to no avail. I ran out of patience with it for now and have back to my full-size logitech wireless keyboard on my lap. Maybe I’ll dig it up Anne give it another chance, but i hope others have had better luck.

Does the laptop speakers include a charger or is this an additional charge??

Sorry for the late reply.
The laptop speaker does not come with an AC adapter. It charges via USB.

For E-SBSK-BK01 Laptop Speaker:

Just SD Card or SDHC and microSD/SDHC as well? If SDHC are compatible, is there a capacity limit?

If you put a card into it will it “see” the playlists or the folders you’ve got your music sorted into?

Is there any kind of software that your music has to be run through before being playable on this device?


For E-PTSK-BK03 Blutooth speaker:

When you use a media card, is there a way to use playlists or folders (like you would on an MP3 player)? Is there a “random play” ability?

Is there any kind of conversion software that has to be downloaded and applied to standard music files (ie mp3) or are they “plug and play” (pardon me Microskoff).


SD Only.

Sorry, not from speaker. To have control over what is played, you would need to plug in a device such as an MP3 player, phone, etc.

No software required. Music can be played when power is on. Music can be played via USB, AUX, FM, or SD card.


How does one go about returning Spider E-SBSK-BK01 Multifunction Rechargeable Laptop Speaker with Turbo Bass to Spider? I checked the website and emailed them, but I didn’t get a response. The first time I went to charge it, the USB port just slid right into the casing. Otherwise, it worked perfectly!

Sorry for the problem. First, be sure to check your spam folder. We find email often ends up there.

If you are still having problems getting in touch with them, email support@woot.com for some assistance. Be sure to include your username, order number, and details on what you’ve tried so far.