Spin Cycle .38/.44 Target

what am I going to do with a gun target? I dont even own Ah gun.

Let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire target.

Looks like you can get them for $99 at other sites no big savings.

I’ll admit I was wondering if this was some odd exercising contraption or laundry device before I read the description.

Darn it, I want one but can’t really justify spending $99 on a fun toy right now…hopefully it’ll be back in the future.

To give you a convincing argument to go out and buy a gun.
“But I just bought this rotating target for $100! What on earth am I going to do with it?!”

I’ve thought about this when it has come up before one woot.plus sales. But my concern is that if we miss the actual targets and hit the stand, how well will the stand itself hold up to shots from a .38/.44 caliber gun? Not well is what we’ve surmised. Any thoughts?

for the .22 version

They hold up pretty well. If you shoot at the targets. The upright support has a piece of angle iron protecting it from bullets. Of course, if you are a REALLY lousy shot, the target will last forever. BTW, I’ve shot mine a lot and I’ve just knocked the paint off.

This is the 3rd time they’ve been for sale this month/the last two months, so I think you’ll be OK!

I own one of the auto reset type targets from this manufacturer. It definitely is not the best quality steel in the world and will deform/ bust a bolt or two on hits to the stand, but overall has held up better than I expected. It’s pretty easy to hammer back together when you really mess it up as well. Ideally, don’t hit the stand of course.

Definitely follow the pistol only recommendations though, even the “rifle rated” plates form these guys break pretty spectacularly on hits from anything moving too fast.

Still trying to decide if I’m picking up one of these spinners or not. But can guarantee they’re a whole lot of fun.