Spira Footwear

I bought the women’s Valencia last time they were on woot, following Spira’s sizing guidelines (go down a half size from your usual size). I wear an 8.5 normally, right on the border between average and wide width. The fit is good, once I loosened the laces, although it makes the top of my feet hurt when I’m not moving. Seriously, it’s weird. My instep feels squished and hurty when I’m sitting in the car, but fine once I’m out & about. I dunno, I don’t really feel anything special about these; after spending all day walking around Busch Gardens amusement park, my dawgs were barking. But, y’know, $45 for a walking shoe, so they’re worth the price you pay for 'em.

Make sure to check the Specs tab for the shoes to make sure you pick the correct Spira size.

Hey everyone,

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I got a pair of the men’s Valencias the last time, and am very happy with them.

Except that every time I put them on, I have “…with your blood still warm on the ground…” going through my head. Couldn’t you guys have named them the Sevilles or the Barcelonas? :smiley:

Are these returnable since you guys are making us switch sizes?

The Women’s Odyssey say to size up 1/2 size rather than down. Is that correct?

Dear Spiraguy,

It’s been a while since I ordered my pair.

It makes me hopping mad that it has yet to be shipped.

Please make me bounce for joy and send 'em along at least before Spring is gone.


Yes, that is correct!

Steve, if you ordered a pair from us, it usually ships within a day or two of the order.

Not sure I entirely understand your question, but yes, you can exchange for a different size so long as the shoe is returned in new condition.

@spiraguy, if the Specs tab doesn’t list anything other than what’s in the box, does that mean they should be true-to-size?

Dear Spiraguy,

It’s not about you.

woot tracking info received just now.

woota culpa!