Spira Men's & Women's XLT Running Shoes

Some additional info on the women’s shoe can be found on the product page


Check out some additional info on the men’s shoe over on the product page


I have never tried this brand of shoes, so I hope others will post some reviews.

The Woot price seems to be considerably lower than elsewhere.

I bought a pair of Spiras many years ago. They ripped at the seams in 2 places. Shoe goo did not work. Waste of money.

I hope they improved

These are just another gimmick running shoe ala the toe shoes, shox, zigs, and realflex.

Spend your money somewhere else on some Sauconies, New Balance, or Asics.

I bought a pair of men’s when they were on sale a month or so ago (wide feet). It was a different style, but still a Spira running shoe. I can only compare them to Nikes because that’s what I’ve worn everyday for the past 20 years. I like these, they’re springy (which is what I was looking for-- I have knee arthritis and walking can be painful.) The ankle area is a little lower than on Nikes, so it gives a little less support, but I haven’t had any problems. I like them, but I paid around $45. I don’t know if I’d pay more for them. I don’t run. I was looking for a lightweight, springy daily shoe and these fit the bill, we’ll see if they last a long time. Hope that helps.

Can anyone who’s tried this brand give me some insight as to how they size relative to other brands??


I got sucked in by the price and bought a pair for myself and a pair for my wife (both long-time runners) the last time around. We both agree they suck. They’re heavy/clunky, and the “spring” design doesn’t seem to offer any advantage over the traditional midsole cushioning used by other brands. To make matters worse, the sole pattern is more like a basketball or tennis shoe, so they’re not even safe for mowing my yard.

I wear a size 12 shoe but usually size 13 sneakers. When I first bought these, 12.5 was available so I got that. Should have stuck with size 13, it’s just a tiny bit snug.

That said, I like them. I have back problems and these are super comfortable and cushioned for everyday use and walking. Can’t comment on running, hopefully soon I will…

“These shoes are true to size” as stated in the description.

The shoe style I purchased previously here was different than this style. Then purchasers were instructed to select a size 1/2 larger than their true shoe size.

I just bought a pair of these elsewhere in a men’s 10.5. The right show was perceived, but the arch in the left site was back in my heel. I don’t know if it’s specific to this pair or if the problem is with the last.


Life-long runner (from back before everybody did it). Never heard of this brand, never seen in a real running store, wouldn’t buy to run in under any circumstances. That should tell you all you need to know . . .

I’ve been a runner for 20 years or so. But I’m not terribly picky about shoes. I’ve had many different kinds over the years. I bought these many, many months ago from woot. And I think they were fine. Nothing special…they seemed like most other pairs I’ve bought. I can’t tell that there is a spring or anything in there, so don’t expect major propulsion or anything like that–ha!

They’re fine. Not bad, not great.

(I did set two half marathon PRs in them.)

I found them to be true to size. I wear 9.5 in nearly everything (business shoe, loafer, etc), and got these in 9.5 also. Later, I bought a pair of 10’s because your feet swell with long distance running. The 10’s have served me well. I’m picking up another pair of them today!

I’ve been buying these shoes for years. They are by far the best shoes I have ever used. My knee and back pain has disappeared. I run and walk without pain. I find that they fit true to size.

I find that they fit true to my foot size

These are my personal favorite shoes to run in. I have 5 pairs, 2 of which are XLT. I have run multiple half marathons in them and they seem to hold up ok for me.

It’s the only shoe that doesn’t give me foot pain on long runs.

I wear size the same size in Adidas vs Spiras.

This is my go to running shoe. I prefer the XLT or Stinger 2 model. I’m seeing these shoes on the feet of more and more Elite runners winning big races. This is a great deal on the XLT!