Spira Men's Footwear

I took a chance on a pair of WaveSpring stability running shoes the last go-around and was very happy, and indeed quite bummed today they are not available in my size. I’m super sensitive to the amount of cushion in shoes due to spine issues, and while I’ve never run in them - hope to some day soon - they are fabulously comfortable and functional shoes. I’m picking up a pair of walking shoes today.

Where did the sizing chart come from? Other shoe sites as well as Amazon seem to say they run true to size.

I have not bought shoes on line, from any where. My feet are rather difficult to fit and have medical issues on top of that. If the shoes do not fit, will i be able to return them? Thank you

The only place I know of that you can return shoes to hassle free is Zappos. They pay for return shipping but are priced high, rarely discounted.

Read the W000T rules. I doubt you can return them if they don’t fit properly but ask W000T moderators and read the site.

Thanks for the review, me and my youngest son are each going to try a pair for this price. Eldest son only wears Nike or New Balance. If the MSRP is correct it’s an excellent deal.

Did they fit true to size for you? I have knee and spine issues so I don’t run either but I walk a lot.


Spira SRG701 Genesis X Men’s Running Shoes - Steel/Royal doesn’t have either size for the 2 of us. :frowning: O well.

Look at the sizing charts for Valencia and Odyssey, which one is correct ?

Checked with the buyer. They are each correct for the shoe specs. Different model shoes built with a different pattern.

Damn, missed it (in my size). I’ve been waiting for these to come back. Teach me to only check the main page.

For sizing,go to Spira’s site.They have a fit calculator .Input your current shoe make and model+size and it spits out the correct spira size.Very nice.I’m ordering a pair so we’ll see how accurate it is.I did try on a pair at a demo at a triathlon I was doing years ago.They weren’t my size but I loved the feel of the springs.