Spira Scorpius Running Shoes, Men's & Women's

These shoes come in widths. What are these?

If it’s not called out as wide or narrow, it will always be standard width. Standard width for men is “D”, standard width for women is “B”. Standard can also be called average or medium.

can I get a 13 2e?

I’m sorry, we only currently offer the shoe sizes available in the sale.

Do these sizes run true? If I wear an 11 Nike running shoe = 11 Spira?

“This shoe fits true to size” - What does this mean? Does anybody know what their “true” size is anymore? It’s not like shoe stores have anyone to measure your feet. I usually do trial and error. 9.5 in one brand, 10 in another.

Are these shoes returnable if they do not fit?

whats the return policy?

This PLUS sale offers our 90 Day Limited Woot Warranty.

You can also check the Woot FAQ to find out how to return a defective product.

If you have any problems with your order, you’re always welcome to email into Woot Member Services at support@woot.com

I went to the Spira store in Denver to check these out. I can’t believe how light they are. They also seem well constructed, and meet my two main criteria: they will accomodate orthotics and they have size 15. In for one pair of crimson.

As I figured, these are a stability shoe. From the Spira description:

“The Spira® Scorpius Stability Runner provides support for the moderate to extreme pronator by incorporating a wide heel platform and an extended high density medial post. Stability and cushioning are combined without compromising comfort.”

So, if you are neutral runner or underpronator (like me) these are not the shoe for you.

I wear stable, high-quality running shoes almost constantly because they’re the most comfortable for my spinal issues. Reviews on other sites (e.g. Zappos) consistently praise the cushioning ability of the springs in these shoes. In for one.

Nike’s don’t run true, they run about one to two sizes too small. If you measure a 9.5 you wear an 11 in Nikes. I worked at a shoe store for about 4 years as a manager and constantly would have people buying Nike’s based on their other shoe sizes and then wondering why their feet hurt so bad a month later.

I am loving these shoes. I hope you have them again. They are light and super sturdy.