Spira Women's Footwear

I bought the Spira Valenciana last time they were on woot. First of all, make absolutely sure you follow the sizing guide, even though it runs counter to how sneakers are usually sized (you go down instead of up, for these). Secondly, the Valenciana are… um… kinda weird. They hug very tight right up to the widest part of the foot (where your toe bones start) and then suddenly widen out. It can be pretty uncomfortable when you’re sitting, although you don’t notice it once you start walking; for example, driving down to the local high school to walk around the track, your feet are going to hurt on the drive, but you’ll be fine once you get on the track. I haven’t noticed any big deal about “energy springs” or whatever. But for $40, these are just fine for a day at the local amusement park.

I have the Spira Valencia shoes, bought them at the ‘good feet’ store. I don’t find the spring to be anything terribly helpful (it will set off the metal detectors at the airport though, every time), but the shoes are comfy. For this price, I’ll stock up. I didn’t find the fit odd as the previous commenter wrote.