Spirit Dots

Everyone should be lucky enough to have cute neighbors.

Colorful eye-popping design.

So cute, and the colors work so well!

I love how the center one’s belly sorta looks like NO FACE throwing his arms up!

Grats on the print!

Are there no kids’ sizes for this design, or am I missing something?


As previously mentioned… Where are the kid sizes? My wife and I were hoping for a fun family Christmas gift.

I have seen shirts listed after the daily shirt not having kids sizes but not on a woot daily shirt! I hope they turn it on. My kids love Totoro. They have enough sleeping t-shirts from my size.

It would look nicer on a black shirt

It’s totoros all the way down!

No kid sizes? It’s my 4yo’s favorite! I wanted a stocking stuffer. :frowning:

I don’t know from Totoro but this is is a pleasing design, nicely done~

I want one for my 4 yr old. She would have a freakout fest if I ordered one for myself and didn’t get one for her too. Why no kids sizes, Woot? Surely this would be a kids favorite.

Really? Totoro with no kids sizes?

Make a tote bag in spirit dots!!! Pleeeeease!!!

but i love Totoro so it’s a must hv! :slight_smile:

I like the design AND the use of interrobangs in the write-up!

Sorry for the late update.

According to Shirt Crew, the Royal Blue shirts in Kid’s Sizes are currently OUT OF STOCK.

Shirt.Woot should be receiving inventory soon and the option for printing Royal Blue/Kids should be available.

I’m dense. Are all these critters cats?