*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Got it fast with overnight shipping? Show it off here in this thread!

aznkuo you pulled a fast one there :slight_smile: But this shirt looks amazing and can def be worned all year long in for 1

Very… gradienty and colourful :open_mouth:

Is that Zombie Gandhi?

Edit: Gandhi’s name is now spelled correctly. Derp. Thanks indranil1703.

This is a really awesome shirt but not my style.

Michael Stipe meets Stevie Wonder

it looks like vin diesel. Yuck.

I bought it, it is, mysterious and weird… The last of the Hallowoots, so why not. I’m sure this will print nice and large… Pretty colorful. Bye Hallowoot!

i should have overnighted lol

Nice design!

Did you mean Zombie Gandhi? Gandhi had a moustache and wore specs! So no, this is not “Zombie Ghandi”.

hmm … part of me wants to love this shirt, but i’m on the fence … not sure if it’s one i would get regular wear out of. may have to think on this one for an hour or two …

I like it when you don’t do splatters, CollisionTheory. That being said, it’s a pass for me.

It’s Ray Charles!!


glad to see a non-humorous hallowoot shirt, but i’m not digging the colors. pink turns me off, i can’t help it, i’m not a girly-girl. wicked design though.

I wish it was halloween all the time! this is like my 4th shirt.woot in a week.

in4one pending my bank acc, the only hallowoot shirt that i like. and it can def be worn all year round.

this is like my 12 woot shirt and easily the coolest ive seen. I got so excited i forgot my password…

first post as well

wow this shirt is seriously awesome