Split Nutrition PB&J Squeeze Packs 40 Ct

Split Nutrition PB&J Squeeze Packs 40 Ct

This stuff is meh…Walmart these are on clearance for .50 each. Assorted combos. No one’s buying them.

I got the blueberry/almond butter and cherry/cashew butter when that was offered. The taste is good but I found that the packaging/ thickness of nut butter vs. fruit spread didn’t allow for even distribution of product (directly into mouth). The fruit side is much less thick and comes out faster than the nut butter.

I got these the last time around on woot and can’t recommend them at all. The nut butters were gritty and didn’t squeeze out of the packet well, and the jam is the really cheap-tasting kind in which the sugar is crystallizing and separating from the other ingredients.

The idea is kind of cute, but the execution here is crud.

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I thought it said “spit”, on the product’s packaging when I first saw the picture.

Is the nut butter sweetened or just nuts&salt?

Found out on the product brand website, all the nut butters are salt free.