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This shirts rock!!!

In for one!!!

It reminds me of Adder’s current derby entry. :tongue:

I dont see the concept, but cool design

Wow. I basically have to! That is hilarious in so many ways… Cannot deny the great hotdog on a shirt! Two hotdogs!

It kind of makes me giggle. I’m not sure why.

Then again, how silly to have this when the tortured, overheated, anthropomorphic food derby is coming up. How many hot dog shirts do wooters really need?

I can hear the votes being taken back as we speak. Seriously, woot, two weeks in a row with the unintentionally screwing Adder

Cute shirt, but I really have to stop buying these! Haha!

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(confidentially about the shirt on shirt.woot!!)

haaaha, got one.

and now i’ve got a week’s worth of green shirts…

i like this one… but it would have been better if the guy getting a face full of muster wasn’t smiling - you know, if he didn’t act like he liked it.

I edited that comment, so at least you get a free plug now.

Would woot reject your entry now because it’s too similar to a printed shirt? Although yours is probably different enough.

I can dig it, I love hot dogs and updating my table.

Can’t agree with the innuendo man. I want a GOOD green tee, now, c’mon woot!

I lawld

…this shirt is just genuinely funny

Love the shirt, would probably be in for one if it wasnt green!

Its so adorable…but something I’d probably be embarrassed to wear :frowning:

Oh, it’s so cute!

I really like this. Especially the effect applied to the mustard!

YAY Staff!!! I think this is a great food t-shirt!!! way to go!