Just had to have this one!

fantastic t-shirt although is it just me or did it seem sexual at first…

One more hot dog shirt for my brother’s collection! (His retirement dream is to sell hot dogs on the beach.) Gotta have a dream, I guess…

The “Sci-Fi Weenie Roast” was my first Woot! shirt, aside from the monkey one.

what a happy hotdog! love! will think about it overnight.

hahah great shirt. I will be in for 1.

Am I missing something…

awww … l o l one day Adder… one day.

If I believe they are soy hotdogs… then… then…

Nope, no hope. They have faces. The grilled cheese shirt was more for us vegetarians. I don’t know what to say for the vegans though.

hahha. oh no lol

They are happy hot dogs. Of course they are veggie ones, silly!

Not just you…definitely something going on there. At least dog #2 isn’t stomping on a packet of mayonnaise. OY!

lol but it’s definitely implied. I’m gonna pass on this one, it’s funny but it’s going to get alot of erm…misunderstanding…Not that I’m a Homophobe or anything…Honest!

If this shirt was in the Derby Competition, it would be a wiener.

and the best part, if you spill mustard on it no one will know!

For some reason I am completely taken with this shirt. Strangely compelling.

Must resist…

I will think on it overnight, and if it is still here in the morning, then I am meant to buy it!! :smiley:

Too bad we can’t give you an extra sympathy vote for that!

Cute design… but I wouldn’t wear it sorry. looking forward to the next derby.

I’m in for one. Luv it !!! They are so cute!!!


I wonder if that ‘Goulden’s’ Mustard???