Cuteness defeats sadness. Dinosaur love above all.

Purple is today’s color of impending doom. The dinosaurs know. They read the last page.

They only die if you stop believing in your heart that they’re real.

I love a good spoiler warning.

I thought they became birds.

PS. The boat sinks.

what a cute scary faces :smiley:

What an awesome tee and lovely style!

YAY, crocodiles (and their kin)… no extinction event here, keep moving :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so angry at Woot, I’m still at season 1, and now I know what happens on season 6…

It’s true, jeffsaurus really was the smartest dinosaur.

This doesn’t LOOK like Game of Thrones… !!!

Where’s the Tardis?

This exactly. Nature is always trying to kill us, and while she manages to deal some sever setbacks, she never seems to be able to completely extinguish us.

I’m afraid I can’t wear disinformation on my chest. It would be a disservice to my community.

Sorry to present the worst news of your life, but I just had to get the truth out.

Thanks for helping me on my quest to make the world a slightly more miserable place for everyone, one dream-wrecking t-shirt at a time!

Oh man, I’d better get started, though I’m probably a few million years too late, give or take!


If you have any more dream wrecking tee shirts, I’d like to see them. This dream wrecker is a lot of fun! :slight_smile:

Thanks for support everyone! The dinosaurs are grateful! (as their bones lie in their cratefuls)

Nothing so far, but that’s an idea, I’ll have to see what other depressants I can chuck on a tee!