Better a cat than a Pac-Man, I believe.

I hope Mrs. O’leary doesn’t find out that I dropped her lantern. That was one scary cat. Maybe no one will ever find out.

That ghost is going to have an eternity of bad luck.

What? Why isn’t the ghost walking (floating) under a ladder or something?

It’s Catsper and he’s feline a little nervous!

And the cat is just thinking that the squishy thing with the light looks like a good place to sleep.

I know I’m missing the point, but is that a directional lantern of some sort?

I l.ove this!

I do hope buyers realize they’re paying for a shirt with a little white ghost, because you certainly won’t be able to see the cat from 5 feet away.

Oh crap!

I’m spooked by the fact the ghost is missing his right arm.

heartbroken that the candy corn monster didn’t make it. :frowning:

It might be the settings on my monitor, but it’s really hard to see the cat. I’d be very worried about how this will look when printed.

Congrats, Rogeroger!

Congrats on the print RogerRogerRoger! Is this your first print? =D =D My roommate just bought the shirt go go little scaredy ghost!

Anybody want to buy this for me? It’s my birthday today (no joke)!

Okay, now that the shameless plug is out of the way, congrats on the win! I like the little ghosty and especially the expression on his face. It’s cute.

I didn’t notice the cat until I clicked on the close up. I’m worried it won’t show up on the shirt.

What happened to his right arm…

it’s the little ghost that didnt go bump in the night. so sweet.