Dang couldn’t get to it fast enough!

I’m disturbed by the ghost and cat being at the same level with the right and left nipples on a man’s chest. Think about that!

Wow! Great use of a couple colors! Bravo!

It could be Paul Revere’s ghost.

One if by land,
Two if by sea.
But use your left hand,
If it’s Felis Catus you see.

That little ghost didn’t really have to be scared - he made a boo-boo.

Maybe he lost his arm trying to pet a neighbor’s malicious cat, leading to his death. Now he is back from the spirit realm for some revenge.

Or perhaps the sheet is loosely draped over his large head, so that the outline of an arm would only appear upon extending the arm outward from his body.

Grizzled revenge scene or innocent finding of a feline? You decide!

Me too! I really wanted that one :frowning:

Congrats on your print, but I can’t see anyone who buys this to not be disappointed once they actually receive it. As many have said, the black cat will be all but invisible against the navy colored shirt.

I see in the design’s thread that many people mentioned the potential color issue, but the artist can’t be expected to remove their design that is in the top based solely around that. Woot staff themselves should make mention of such things when designs like this are first submitted, so the artist can make appropriate changes.

Personally It’s a little sad to not see drak/cd or walmazan up here for the holiday, especially when something that will print in a botch instead.

Didn’t Woot used to offer you a $5 coupon or something on your Woot-versary? I’ve been hear for a few years and bought tons of stuff (hover over the boxes to the right to see how much stuff) and I’ve never received any birthday/Woot-versary gifts. =(

Although, I’ve heard rumors that they used to do just that.

And in case the Woot gods are reading this, my Woot-versary is approaching very soon, and I still have never been able to snatch a BoC!!

Woah, you specify “men’s nipples”. Are you saying that women’s nipples are located somewhere else?? How much of sex-ed did I sleep through???

What would be really freaky is if the cat had no shadow

or 2 feet away…

Good thing you pointed out it’s only a concern for the right and left nipples. All other nipples will remain unaffected, I assume?

too cute to pass up!! :slight_smile:

Very cute, congrats Rogerrogerroger!

Does it glow? :frowning:

Gawwww… I just wanna cuddle that widdle ghost and tell him it’s gonna be alright! Except - he’s a ghost, which would make him slightly difficult to cuddle.

A one-armed ghost. That’s rough, man.

Yeah. First you’d feel guilty for not being able to comfort the poor little guy, then you’d have to apologize to him for the whole, “Oops! Forgot that you were dead” thing…

I never seen no cat in there nohow. There’s a cat on this shirt?