Sport Band Apple Watch Band

Are these made by Apple?

Woot is keeping this as a Top Secret. Same thing was asked regarding Leather loop - no reply yet.

I’d also like to know! thanks!

They are official Apple bands.

Thanx for your reply.
But… Can you be so kind and clarify further? In Official Apple Store there are two band sizes. Which one you are selling here? When I am speaking about sizes, I mean not 38 or 42mm, but s/m, m/l, l/xl etc…

This is a crucial question! Also wondering the same. Really hoping they’re the S/M…

Apple sport bands come with both sizes in the box, meaning sm and large. It has one side to connect and then comes with a short and long side with the holes. As long as you buy the size for your watch you are good

Completely incorrect. Apple doesn’t even make many of the bands listed here.

These will come with both sizes (3pcs) for 38mm and 42mm. This pertains to the sport band only–will find out about the rest.
Here’s a pic the vendor passed along:

Yes, agree - they come with both sizes, BUT at Official Apple Store there is a selection - you can choose from: s/m and m/l size or m/l and l/xl size. And this is what I was meaning about.

I believe if vendor would pass picture of packaging - everything will become clear (with regards to question Original or Not original)

Based on these photos these are not official apple bands. Official apple bands have a S/M or M/L label on the underside of the sport band.

You’re exactly right. I’m going to try and get a refund now. This is too much for a third party band and is not a deal at all.