Sport Blue Prints From Oliver Gal

I’ve always been a big fan of their work, but it’s too hard to justify the price.

Before buying please read the previous comments on similar item sold recently:

Many people waited 1+ month for delivery (despite 5-7 day shipping claim) and were hugely disappointed by this product. Especially because WOOT customer service was not pro-active regarding the delay, short with several customers, and overall made for a poor experience. Buyer beware.

The ummm…soccer ball isn’t even colored right at the bottom, very funny looking.

Are people really buying these things?? I suppose some just have TOO MUCH money…But hey if that’s the case, I’ll take some of that cash and draw you a lovely picture of a baseball bat! ;D I’ll even take requests XD

These are really cool, just a little expensive.

It’s too bad you can’t buy them as just the print without their frame.

EDIT: I take back what I said about them being a little expensive. Compared to the prices on Oliver Gal’s website these are a bargain. Still pricey.