Sport-Brella Collapsible Iceless Cooler


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Sport-Brella Collapsible Iceless Cooler
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Interesting item, but I notice it’s missing a key feature for a cooler: A handle. When I use a cooler it’s to go to the beach or the park and it always involves taking a cooler AND something else (chair, bag, etc.) This appears to require two hands, which makes it a lot less convenient than a handled cooler.

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Aren’t all coolers iceless if you don’t add ice?

looks like made out of some fancy styrofoam.

I’m guessing ice would be a bad idea since it has seams?

This is one of the dumbest products that I’ve ever seen.

Yeah, really, that’s all it is. I’ve seen them. I guess it is sort of a high grade foam, but it’s still foam. Not water tight I suspect hence, the “iceless”…

If you’re worried about it leaking, put a contractor trash back (thick, heavy plastic) inside. That should keep the ice water inside. I think the big advantage here is that it folds, which means that it won’t eat up as much room on your way home. It would also be handy to keep in your trunk for when you go grocery shopping, especially in the summer.

Anyone have experience with this item. Nice concept because of collapsable.

I find it pretty hard to believe that this thing can deliver on its promises… I have a Yeti cooler that can keep beer cold for days, but even with a $250 cooler you need to have some ice!

The video says it only keeps drinks cold for 6 hours. Well, if I put cold drinks in my “normal” cooler and didn’t add ice, they would stay cold for about 6 hours. Adding ice keeps the drinks cold for 12 hours.

yeah i dont see the advantage here either.

Holds 60 cans and then the first thing I noticed also was NO HANDLES. So maybe it is better to just use in the back of your vehicle or maybe on a boat. That would not be fun to take to the beach unless you have guy to torture. LOL

Consider the opposite temperature, though. It is Thanksgiving, you need to transport a piping hot “green bean with crispy onion” casserole to the family gathering. This looks like a great size to haul casserole dishes around. To fit one into a regular cooler is a ton of wasted vertical space. This would rock that, as long as you padded the bottom of said 400 degree casserole dish.

Hey staff - he said it did not have any handles. Please fix the quality post text that said it has two handles - it is completely wrong.

It has two handles. They are under the hinges. Take a closer look at people carrying them in the video.

I define handles as u shaped things to wrap my fingers around. I’ve watched the video again, and I see recessed cutouts or notches that you can use for grip. I guess for coolers, I expect full blown handles. For boxes (which is what this is), notches are really good to have. I’m still tempted on this for hot foods, but it is still a bit pricey for me.